Monday, April 19, 2010

"Today Was a Fairy Tale"

Saturday night was Sarah's Senior Prom!!! In the years past, school dances have been anything but wonderful for Sarah. She either didn't get asked or was asked by someone sweet, but not who she really wanted to be with etc... But this year.... well....this year was a true FairyTale!!

A couple of weeks ago, her best friend and boyfriend decorated her room from head to toe in balloons and streamers to ask her to prom. He was so proud of himself. She was so shocked because he had convinced her that he didn't want to "do the prom thing" this year.
Sarah's response was to send him on a scavenger hunt with many different places and clues. The final answer was frozen in this large chunk of ice. She was waiting for him behind the bushes.

Then he surprised her by giving her a motorcycle helmet so they could ride together. They had looked at this helmet on Ebay and she was floored that he had ordered it for her.

So the date begins at 9:00 am when he picks her up for a surprise "Day Date" I don't have photo's yet of the day, but they went to the GA Aquriuam. This was an inside joke for the two of them and a fun fun day! They rushed home and got ready for the dance, Beau's mom is super talented and she actually came over and did Sarah's hair for her while Beau was at home getting ready!!!

We found this sight for pictures just at the front of his neighborhood, it couldn't have been more picture perfect.
The coursage that he purchased her was OVER THE TOP!!! He had a special process done to the flower that perserved the roses so that they never wilt or die!?!?! Can you believe it? Is this guy too perfect????
They sped off in Scott's Mustang for Dinner at PF Chang's and then off to a train depot for the dance. It was a wonderful evening for the two of them.

They ended the evening wearing his pj's and watching a movie in the back of his car using a laptop so that it felt like a drive in!

The best part was that Beau is a wonderful LDS boy with wonderful LDS standards......

It was truly a Fairytale night for Sarah and one that won't easily be topped!!

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Amy Girl said...

Awesome! So happy for little Miss Sarah.