Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello Blog World... I am still alive!

I have fallen off the blog wagon lately! I really have no excuse... except for... a wedding, becoming primary president, senior in HS, Freshman cheerleader, son into baseball... oh and MOVING!! Our house went on the market a week ago. We have had 5 showing, and 1 re-showing. I have become a roaming nomad... leaving my house for hours at a time after madly cleaning.... I became so busy with my life, that it really seems pointless to blog about it.

But we are coming up on a big milestone with Sarah next month. She graduates from High School. It feels like it was only yesterday that my baby was so excited about Kindergarten. She was so proud as she got on that school bus, and her baby sister cried and wanted to go too. Now they both wouldn't be caught dead on a yellow bus, and both would rather just stay home. But I love the fact that they have this year in High School to spend together. As luck would have it, their lockers are very close to each other as well.

I have a few pictures of Sarah's senior portrait session. I don't have the ones from the photographer back yet, but I still love the ones that we have. There is a cute boy attached to the photo's too. Beau Lindsey. He and Sarah did their portrait sitting together since they are best freinds, and going to prom together... etc.. etc... Beau's mother and I joked we were just saving some money and getting their engagements a little early. :)

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Amy Girl said...

Very cute pictures. What is it about the timeless-ness of a denim jacket?

Hope the house sells soon, so you can spend less time as a nomad.

We are on Spring Break in Palm Springs. The weather is warm!