Monday, April 19, 2010

"Today Was a Fairy Tale"

Saturday night was Sarah's Senior Prom!!! In the years past, school dances have been anything but wonderful for Sarah. She either didn't get asked or was asked by someone sweet, but not who she really wanted to be with etc... But this year.... well....this year was a true FairyTale!!

A couple of weeks ago, her best friend and boyfriend decorated her room from head to toe in balloons and streamers to ask her to prom. He was so proud of himself. She was so shocked because he had convinced her that he didn't want to "do the prom thing" this year.
Sarah's response was to send him on a scavenger hunt with many different places and clues. The final answer was frozen in this large chunk of ice. She was waiting for him behind the bushes.

Then he surprised her by giving her a motorcycle helmet so they could ride together. They had looked at this helmet on Ebay and she was floored that he had ordered it for her.

So the date begins at 9:00 am when he picks her up for a surprise "Day Date" I don't have photo's yet of the day, but they went to the GA Aquriuam. This was an inside joke for the two of them and a fun fun day! They rushed home and got ready for the dance, Beau's mom is super talented and she actually came over and did Sarah's hair for her while Beau was at home getting ready!!!

We found this sight for pictures just at the front of his neighborhood, it couldn't have been more picture perfect.
The coursage that he purchased her was OVER THE TOP!!! He had a special process done to the flower that perserved the roses so that they never wilt or die!?!?! Can you believe it? Is this guy too perfect????
They sped off in Scott's Mustang for Dinner at PF Chang's and then off to a train depot for the dance. It was a wonderful evening for the two of them.

They ended the evening wearing his pj's and watching a movie in the back of his car using a laptop so that it felt like a drive in!

The best part was that Beau is a wonderful LDS boy with wonderful LDS standards......

It was truly a Fairytale night for Sarah and one that won't easily be topped!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello Blog World... I am still alive!

I have fallen off the blog wagon lately! I really have no excuse... except for... a wedding, becoming primary president, senior in HS, Freshman cheerleader, son into baseball... oh and MOVING!! Our house went on the market a week ago. We have had 5 showing, and 1 re-showing. I have become a roaming nomad... leaving my house for hours at a time after madly cleaning.... I became so busy with my life, that it really seems pointless to blog about it.

But we are coming up on a big milestone with Sarah next month. She graduates from High School. It feels like it was only yesterday that my baby was so excited about Kindergarten. She was so proud as she got on that school bus, and her baby sister cried and wanted to go too. Now they both wouldn't be caught dead on a yellow bus, and both would rather just stay home. But I love the fact that they have this year in High School to spend together. As luck would have it, their lockers are very close to each other as well.

I have a few pictures of Sarah's senior portrait session. I don't have the ones from the photographer back yet, but I still love the ones that we have. There is a cute boy attached to the photo's too. Beau Lindsey. He and Sarah did their portrait sitting together since they are best freinds, and going to prom together... etc.. etc... Beau's mother and I joked we were just saving some money and getting their engagements a little early. :)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday LiNDsEY !!

Happy Birthday to my youngest Daughter. I love seeing you grow and mature. I am so excited for you to start High School this year. I love your enthusiasm for life, and your strong spirit. I can't wait to see how your time in High School turns out. My wish for you this year is happiness, friendship, fun times cheering, good grades, close family ties and a strong testimony. We love you Lindsey!!!!!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Happy 17th Birthday SARAH!!!

It is hard to believe that another Birthday has come for you. It just seems like yesterday in my eyes that I was bringing you home from the hospital. And it was really only last week that we celebrated your sweet 16. You are growing and progressing and I love what I see. This year you will be a senior. I wish for you, the funnest year ever filled with laughter, friends, boys, a new job, fun calling and the prospects of going away to college. I am so excited that you will be driving to school each day, and hope this year is the best year you have ever had. I LOVE YOU!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

EFY...Inspired program... NO DOUBT ABOUT IT

Ok, so I have fallen off the blog bandwagon. It just seems like it is a busy summer. But we are doing lots of things and having lots of fun. My girls just got home from spending a week at EFY. Lindsey was lucky because her birthday wasn't until August but the group allows 13 year olds if their birthday's are in the summer. So Both of my girls had the opportunity to enjoy 5 days with 400 other LDS kids. I am so happy and thankful that BYU started this program. It is such an inspired program and so good for the youth of today to get a spiritual shot in the arm to help them get through their teen years. It is amazing that youth literally would pay anything to enjoy in the experiances and even keep all the standards and clothing rules. (You have no idea what I went through to purchase 4 dresses that go to the KNEE on 2 long legged girls.)

One of the things that both Sarah and Lindsey HATE is when people ask them if they are twins. Now, I guess if I were Sarah, it would be an insult for people to think she looks like a 13 year old. But Lindsey doesn't like it either. She hates to always feel like she is in her big sister's shadow. Her entire life she is told by teachers that they know exactly who she is because they taught or knew her sister.... those are big shoes to fill when you want to be your own person.
One of the things that I found to be the most heart warming is that there were 3...yes 3 photos of my girls TOGETHER !!!!! Maybe some of you aren't familiar with my girls, but it is almost unheard of for them to voluntarily WANT to be together, let along pose for pictures without their mom urging them. This is what they CHOSE to do without my insistance at all. I almost cried when I saw the pictures on Sarah's camera. Just seeing these pictures made me realize that these 2 will eventually be friends on their own. They don't need me to push and force, just let it come naturally and it will.
How Fun! To be the center of attention among all those guys!
Sarah with her cousin Ethan
Lindsey with cousin Parker. It was great that the girls went the same week as their cousins.
Lindsey and Londyn with their gang of guys!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home From Hawaii

We are home from Hawaii...sunburned, tired, broke and fulfilled! Now comes the time for wedding planning. Time to get busy

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Mitral valve prolapse

It has been a long day.
Saturday at a routine physical that Lindsey took at school for Cheerleading, the team doctor heard a heart murmur. He told me it sounded like a mouse had taken up residence in her heart. He described a loud high pitched whistle that he heard. He insisted that we have her checked before she continues to cheer. (wow? A doctor that actually cares?)
So we make an appointment with our long term Pediatrician Dr. Zamon. I love Dr. Zamon and would gladly drive for 1 hour just to see her. She has been Lindsey's doctor since literally DAY 1. She gave Lindsey her first check up in the hospital after birth. I trust her with my children and they have gotten wonderful care.
So Dr. Zamon listens to Lindsey's heart today, and only hears an extra glub glub. She begins to tell me that it is most likely only a sinus arythmia and not to worry...but she decides to have Lindsey do a few jumping jacks. Apparently this arythmia goes away right after cardio exercise. She begins to listen again. Only to hear the wonderful mouse that has once again taken a hold of Lindsey's heart. So the basic Sinus Arythmia is ruled out and she determines that we need to see a cardiologist. She calls a pediatric cardiologist and within 30 minutes Lindsey is hooked up to an echocardiogram for a look at things.
The dianosis could have been worse. He said that most of the time, people with this condition (mitral valve prolapse) live normal healthy lives with little or no problems. However there can be complications and so she must be monitored closely. She was in afib today. (abnormal heart rhythms) She is wearing a monitor for 24 hours to determine the severity of the afib. Basically a valve in her heart does not close properly and leaks blood back into an area it shouldn't be.
Please keep my little Lindsey in your prayers!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

DANCE...Dance... DANCE !!!

How do you divide your time when your 13 year old has 8th Grade dance...and then your 16 year old gets invited at the last minute to a different high school prom??? It makes for a crazy evening, but I am actually glad it was the same night. Now I have pictures of my girls together.