Friday, July 10, 2009

EFY...Inspired program... NO DOUBT ABOUT IT

Ok, so I have fallen off the blog bandwagon. It just seems like it is a busy summer. But we are doing lots of things and having lots of fun. My girls just got home from spending a week at EFY. Lindsey was lucky because her birthday wasn't until August but the group allows 13 year olds if their birthday's are in the summer. So Both of my girls had the opportunity to enjoy 5 days with 400 other LDS kids. I am so happy and thankful that BYU started this program. It is such an inspired program and so good for the youth of today to get a spiritual shot in the arm to help them get through their teen years. It is amazing that youth literally would pay anything to enjoy in the experiances and even keep all the standards and clothing rules. (You have no idea what I went through to purchase 4 dresses that go to the KNEE on 2 long legged girls.)

One of the things that both Sarah and Lindsey HATE is when people ask them if they are twins. Now, I guess if I were Sarah, it would be an insult for people to think she looks like a 13 year old. But Lindsey doesn't like it either. She hates to always feel like she is in her big sister's shadow. Her entire life she is told by teachers that they know exactly who she is because they taught or knew her sister.... those are big shoes to fill when you want to be your own person.
One of the things that I found to be the most heart warming is that there were 3...yes 3 photos of my girls TOGETHER !!!!! Maybe some of you aren't familiar with my girls, but it is almost unheard of for them to voluntarily WANT to be together, let along pose for pictures without their mom urging them. This is what they CHOSE to do without my insistance at all. I almost cried when I saw the pictures on Sarah's camera. Just seeing these pictures made me realize that these 2 will eventually be friends on their own. They don't need me to push and force, just let it come naturally and it will.
How Fun! To be the center of attention among all those guys!
Sarah with her cousin Ethan
Lindsey with cousin Parker. It was great that the girls went the same week as their cousins.
Lindsey and Londyn with their gang of guys!

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Amy Girl said...

What a wonderful experience for your girls. I loved and I mean loved EFY. When you mentioned the girls going I thought: we need to have Sarah,Lindsey, Sadie and Kourtney go together next year or even make it a tradition every year to go together. Girls camp, seminary, and EFY really solidified my testimony as a young woman.