Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Mitral valve prolapse

It has been a long day.
Saturday at a routine physical that Lindsey took at school for Cheerleading, the team doctor heard a heart murmur. He told me it sounded like a mouse had taken up residence in her heart. He described a loud high pitched whistle that he heard. He insisted that we have her checked before she continues to cheer. (wow? A doctor that actually cares?)
So we make an appointment with our long term Pediatrician Dr. Zamon. I love Dr. Zamon and would gladly drive for 1 hour just to see her. She has been Lindsey's doctor since literally DAY 1. She gave Lindsey her first check up in the hospital after birth. I trust her with my children and they have gotten wonderful care.
So Dr. Zamon listens to Lindsey's heart today, and only hears an extra glub glub. She begins to tell me that it is most likely only a sinus arythmia and not to worry...but she decides to have Lindsey do a few jumping jacks. Apparently this arythmia goes away right after cardio exercise. She begins to listen again. Only to hear the wonderful mouse that has once again taken a hold of Lindsey's heart. So the basic Sinus Arythmia is ruled out and she determines that we need to see a cardiologist. She calls a pediatric cardiologist and within 30 minutes Lindsey is hooked up to an echocardiogram for a look at things.
The dianosis could have been worse. He said that most of the time, people with this condition (mitral valve prolapse) live normal healthy lives with little or no problems. However there can be complications and so she must be monitored closely. She was in afib today. (abnormal heart rhythms) She is wearing a monitor for 24 hours to determine the severity of the afib. Basically a valve in her heart does not close properly and leaks blood back into an area it shouldn't be.
Please keep my little Lindsey in your prayers!


Amy Girl said...

Oh my goodness. This is shocking news. We will remember her immediately in our prayers. Hang in there and pray for the very best.

Candice said...

We will keep Lindsay in our prayers.

GA MTNS said...

WOW, how scary!!! We too will keep Lindsey in our prayers. Please keep us posted on her status~